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Happy New Year!

Your update with all the latest news and some season insights.

It's a quieter time of year for your bees, but we've been busy...

We prepared your bees for winter last autumn, and in the meantime we’ve been developing more ways for you to find out about what they’re up to as well as all the amazing work our native bees do. 

Which means we’re pleased to announce that this March we’ll be launching our new client platforms! The new platform will provide you with a dedicated, unique point of access with everything you need to know about your bees, including regular updates and lots of extras.

Winter work keeps everyone warm!

In the middle of winter, have you ever wondered what happens to your bees? It might look quiet from the outside, but inside there’s constant activity.

While some bees (like Bumblebee queens) head off to hibernate, your honeybees are awake all year-round. It’s too cold to open hives during the winter, but honeybees might pop out for the occasional ‘cleansing flight’ (to poo… yes, bees poo but never in the hive if they can help it). So they store it up until a milder day appears to pop out and do their business.

As the nights get colder they have to stay close together to make sure they generate enough heat. By this time of the year they’re already grouped into what’s called a winter cluster and the queen is always within the warmest part in the core of the cluster.

On particularly cold days or nights they can even generate more heat by vibrating their wing muscles, producing an ambient temperature up to as much as 37 Celsius!

Helping them to thrive

Some of the other tasks at this time of year include helping to protect the hive against predators and unwelcome visitors. This includes switching around the entrance block to your hive. Entrance blocks can be rotated to provide entrances of different widths – each edge has a slightly different sized ‘cut out’ that the bees use as their front door. Reducing the entrance to a smaller one during the winter is beneficial for the bees as they then have less of an opening to defend against ‘robbers’ such as wasps! 

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