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Host your own beehives

Ever considered something a little different for your business to give back to the environment?

A tried and tested initiative, our bee-spoke packages provide businesses with the unique opportunity to have their own, fully-managed, honeybee colonies on their premises. Where businesses are unable to have bees onsite, we also offer the option to sponsor hives within our own apiary.

Whichever option you choose, your own dedicated professional Buckley’s Bees beekeeper will take care of your bees throughout the year, meaning you get to enjoy your bees without getting sticky fingers – unless you would like to!

The ‘host your own hive’ scheme is a wonderful way to spread the joy of bees – and help staff team building as they work together to save bees and produce delicious honey!

Why every business should have its own beehives

  • Demonstrates your ongoing commitment to CSR
  • Shows you are serious about sustainability
  • Improves business perception to customers and local community
  • A positive way to contribute to biodiversity and the wider environment
  • Multiple PR and marketing opportunities
  • Enhanced staff and customer engagement
  • Attractive to prospective recruits and improves staff retention
  • Enhances employee mental wellbeing
  • Your own organisation’s honey (subject to availability) – perfect for corporate gifting or donating to charity

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What people say about our company beehives

“I love bees so think this is a fantastic idea”
“As a beekeeper, I welcome this wonderful venture”
“Hooray for our much needed and much loved bees!!!”
“Great news for UK bees”
“Fantastic. Bees are wonderful, fascinating creatures and so important for our planet”
“Thank you! The bees thank you!”
“Buzzing brilliant news! Bring on the bees”

Business bees in action: Case studies


Famous for its ‘flying B’ emblem, read about Bentley’s 300,000 flying bees of a different kind

Yeo Valley

Discover how Yeo Valley plan to provide a home to hundreds of thousands of honeybees over the next two years


“Our Bentley bees are part of a wider programme we’re developing to ensure that our site and business operations reflect our ambitions to become the most sustainable luxury automotive manufacturer – and we’ve had great colleague engagement with the initiative.”
Peter Bosch
Board Member for Manufacturing
Yeo Valley
"Buckley’s Bees Beekeepers are registered BBKA members and share our passion for all things bee! Over the next two years we hope to provide homes for hundreds of thousands of new British honey bees."
Yeo Valley Organic