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Sponsor a beehive

If your business is unable to host a hive on your premises, we also offer the option to sponsor a hive at Buckley’s Bees Apiary.


Bee involved

  • You’ll get a colony of home-bred honeybees and one queen bee, cared for in our apiary
  • Staff visits to see your bees in action
  • Engages employees and helps them understand why their bees are making a difference
  • Provides endless CSR, HR and PR opportunities for your business
  • A personalised plaque featuring your logo on your hive
  • A positive way to contribute to biodiversity and the wider environment
  • We’ll send you hive updates throughout the year
  • Your own organisation’s honey (subject to availability) – perfect for corporate gifting or donating to charity

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“Our Bentley bees are part of a wider programme we’re developing to ensure that our site and business operations reflect our ambitions to become the most sustainable luxury automotive manufacturer – and we’ve had great colleague engagement with the initiative.”
Peter Bosch
Board Member for Manufacturing
Yeo Valley
"Buckley’s Bees Beekeepers are registered BBKA members and share our passion for all things bee! Over the next two years we hope to provide homes for hundreds of thousands of new British honey bees."
Yeo Valley Organic

Your sponsorship and support will make a valuable difference to this initiative.

Contact us to get involved.