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Beekeeping courses


We run a range of courses for those on their beekeeping journey, whether a beginner just starting out or an experienced keeper wanting to brush up on their knowledge.

Our courses are very popular and often over subscribed, so availability can be limited. 

If you would like to find out more about our courses and when they will be running please contact us here


Beekeeping for Beginners

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper?  Perhaps you’re already a novice beekeeper wishing to build your confidence and gain experience in the hive?

Then this course is perfect for you!  Designed as a practical, hands-on introductory workshop to give you a solid grounding in beekeeping, we have a great afternoon lined up for you – where you will be doing all the handling of bees yourself, queen spotting (maybe marking if any need to be) and much more!

Join us at our beautiful Cheshire apiary to enjoy a fun and interactive introduction to beekeeping.  We ensure all of our courses are taught as small groups, giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions as part of a personal and hands-on experience. 

Who is this workshop for?

Absolutely anybody.

What’s covered?

•  The bee basics
•  How to handle bees
•  Colony inspection and assessment
•  Queen spotting
•  Identification and treatment of Varroa
•  Plus much more!

“Spent a great afternoon in the apiary with Emma and David handling the bees. A really good session to help beginners gain confidence and hands on experience… a massive thank you to both of you.”


Bailey comb change and artificial swarming practical

You’ve read the books, heard how to do it, but have not actually seen it done with live bees. We’re here to change that!

This practical workshop is aimed at all beekeeping skill levels – experienced or beginner – who want to be shown how to complete a successful bailey comb change, as well as learn how to artificially swarm a colony without any risk to their own bees.

These procedures are part of the Integrated Pest Management System followed in our apiary, necessitating finding the queen in both procedures.  As the season progresses, colonies change so opening hives is sometimes a step into the unknown. 

We will discuss why, when and how to do these management techniques, and you will participate in handling the bees.

Who is this workshop for?

All experience levels

What’s covered?

  Hands-on walk-through’s and how-to’s
  Bailey comb changes
  Artificial swarming
  Plus much more!

“Hi Emma & David, Thanks for the very informative, enjoyable afternoon spent at Buckley’s Bees today. I now feel more confident in trying a Bailey comb change & artificial swarm. Many thanks. 
P.S. Looking forward to tasting your honey too!”


Queen Rearing

Here at Buckley’s Bees we are dedicated to breeding our own queens and keeping our healthy, happy and friendly blood lines alive.

As beekeepers, we must maintain a movement to stop importing Queens from all over the world. 

When importing, we risk not understanding the genetic background of the queens, which is so important for temperament, behaviour, hygiene and an ability to survive and thrive in the UK climate. 

The UK has many native species of bees that deserve and need our focus, especially since 35 of these species are in danger of extinction.

David Buckley was the apprentice of the legendary Beowulf Cooper, who was one of the founding members of BIBBA (Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association). We’re extremely proud to say that David has been breeding our blood lines for over 50 years – so while he says he’s still learning, we think there isn’t much he doesn’t know!

Join us on this popular workshop to learn how to rear your own queens from your own bees.

Who is this workshop for?

Beekeepers with some practical experience, but looking to breed their own queens.

What’s covered?

•  How to rear your own queens
•  Desirable characteristics and how to look for them
•  Hands-on experience, with the equipment you’ll need

“Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at Buckley’s Bees! David and Emma are extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with bees and make the learning process accessible and fun! Can’t recommend enough!”


Winter Preparation

Winter preparation is a very important topic within beekeeping.

There are many considerations for what is a vulnerable time of year for your hives, including how and what to feed your bees, should you insulate your hives, and so on.

With so many questions to ask, what better way to ensure that you are well prepared for the winter season ahead than to join us at Buckley’s Bees for this practical workshop?

You’ll have the opportunity to see how we manage our bees through the Winter months, as well as hearing from David who has been successfully getting bees through Winter for over 50 years!

Who is this workshop for?

Absolutely anybody from beginner to experienced.

What’s covered?

  Colony inspection and assessment
  Varroa treatments
  Plus more

What to bring to all of our courses?

  • Clean bee suit & gloves (these can be provided if you don’t have your own – please just ask at time of booking)
  • Clean wellies

What to expect from all of our courses

  • Full afternoon of practical beekeeping demonstrations and supervised hands-on time.
  • Learn everything you need to know from hives to honey!
  • Tea, coffee and cake included.


We allocate an additional hour at
 the end of all workshops to give
you the opportunity to ask
questions, talk to us for advice,
or for us to show you how to put
frames together for your own
bees if required.