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Together we can make a difference!

Buckley’s Bees is on a mission to help save the native species of British bees – and whether you’re a business, a beekeeper or a bee-loving consumer – YOU can help.



From hosting your own hives to increasing your CSR, find out about the ways our team can help your business reverse the decline of the honey bee in a sustainable way.



Want to learn how to be a beekeeper or find the perfect bee-related gift? From beeswax candles to experience days, Buckley’s Bees can help!



Become a Buckley’s Bees beekeeper and be part of making a difference.

Who are Buckley’s Bees?

We are a family-run business, with a dedicated and friendly team of professional beekeepers across the UK, committed to reversing the decline of the bee population.

Bees in crisis

Find out why our bees are disappearing and how we can all help.


Find out about joining our growing team across the UK.