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Christmas Gift Box

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Looking for a unique gift for a loved one this Christmas? Our new Bee Boxes give the recipient a tasty treat and something sweet.

Each box contains:

  • 2 x 75g or 1 x 150g jar of our pure honey – 100% honey which has come straight from our very own hives and is extracted and jarred on site by us. This delicious golden honey makes a great addition to any breakfast, tea, baking or even straight off the spoon. Because it’s so cold now some of the honey might have started to granulate in the jar, this is nothing to worry about and is actually a sign of quality honey. To make it runny again just gently warm it without the lid on.
  • Flower bulbs – attract a range of bees and other insects into your garden with these bee-friendly bulbs. Plant them in your garden to create beautiful colours that bees canโ€™t resist.
  • A pair of handmade bees wax candles – there is no waste from our hives. Each season we melt down the excess wax and hand-make stunning natural candles. 100% bees wax, the aroma is incredible.
  • Bees wax block – the magic of bees wax is that it can be used in an abundance of ways, such as; to make beeswax wraps, prevent rusting on tools, rubbed on fly fishing lines and even stopping a draw from sticking.
  • * Adopt a queen upgrade – in addition to the contents of the Christmas box, you will also receive an adoption certificate, a letter from your queen bee and get to name your queen.

Christmas delivery

For guaranteed Christmas delivery please ensure you place your order by the 10th December 2023. Any orders placed after that date may arrive later.